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Reasons for removing a tree may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Damaged or Diseased 
  • Dead
  • Too Close to Home or Structure
  • Damage Caused by Roots
  • Bad or Dangerous Location
  • Too Large
  • Preventing Grass Growth
  • Blocking View or Signal
What ever the reason may be, let our professionals assist you in developing a plan for your tree removal.


Many believe that tree topping is a safe alternative to removing a tree. Under no circumstances will we ever recommend topping your trees. Topping a tree damages it and opens the tree up to disease, insects, and the elements. Doing so leads to rot, decay, and ultimately the death of the tree. A topped tree brings on more maintenance to the customer, physically and financially, by the exponential increase in leaves, constant dropping of limbs and twigs in their yard, and through the need of tree care professionals to return to re-top the tree due to fast re-growth. There are many alternatives to topping or removing a healthy tree from your property.

  • Pruning
Pruning a tree consist of climbing into the inner portions of the tree to remove the dead, dying, and other unproductive branches and sprouts from the larger limbs of the tree, and also raising the canopy. Doing this can protect your property as well as people underneath from potential harm. It allows wind to pass through the tree by decreasing resistance and also encourages new growth, a healthy shape, and deters animals from nesting and infesting the tree
  • Raising the Canopy
Raising the canopy of a tree is an appealing and productive approach to caring for your tree. In this situation, we remove the lower limbs of the tree that are hanging or sagging down, and leave the limbs that are growing out and upwards. Doing so leaves the tree looking happy and healthy and allows sun to shine on the ground more at the base to promote better grass growth and a more open area.
  • Spot Trimming
In some cases only a select few limbs may be a threat or nuisance to the homeowner. In this case we will come in and remove specific limbs as requested without removing too many and damaging the tree.


After a tree is removed or blown over, you are left with the stump and the root mound on top of ground. These can be in the way of landscaping or building plans, or just unsightly. We perform stump grinding services to remove the unwanted parts of the tree left in the ground. In the case of a tree blown over we can dig out the remainder of the roots and remove the stump that way as well. 

Lot Clearing

Another service we offer is lot clearing. If you have property or a lot that needs to be fully or partially cleared, we have the equipment and tools to do so. We can clear any vegetation such as shrubbery and undergrowth, all the way up to fully wooded areas. We can also leave selected trees if desired. Once clearing is done, it will be the customer’s decision whether or not we remove the left over stumps. 



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